9 SEO Strategies Effective In 2020

9 seo strategies effective in 2020 2
9 seo strategies effective in 2020 2

If you want your website to rank high in Google, then these 9 SEO Strategies Effective in 2020 will surely help you. With the strategies we will be imparting onto you, your ranking will surely improve by leaps and bounds.  

9 seo strategies effective in 2020 1

Importance of 9 SEO Strategies Effective in 2020

As the world’s most popular search engine, Google has always been changing and improving their metrics in deciding a website’s ranking. Thus, to stay at the top of search results, website admins have no choice but to adapt to Google’s new metrics.

And if your website is on the top of the search results, traffic will surely come to your website. Therefore, to survive in the online industry, driving traffic is one of the most essential factors. These 9 SEO Strategies Effective in 2020 will surely help you to rank higher and eventually drive more traffic to your website.

  • Snippets

One of the most prominent changes in Google’s search results is snippets. Snippets are those highlighted boxes that appear at the top of the number 1 website. It usually contains a section of the highest-ranked page.

You can take advantage of this feature in your web page by adding the answers to the most common questions related to your website. The more answers you provide, the better the chances of Google ranking you higher when people type in the questions in their search engine.

  • Enable HTTPS

Security is one of the most common issues when it comes to the internet. Thus, your website needs to provide enough security for your visitors and clients. And enabling HTTPS protocols is one of the most effective security measures out there that Google recognizes.

  • Mobile ready

No one can deny the impact of smartphones ever since its invention. And today, more and more people are turning to their smartphones to search for anything instead of their computers or laptops. 

And since smartphones have smaller screens compared to computers and notebooks, your website needs to be optimized to become mobile-friendly. Text and images, among others, on your website, should be modified so that visitors can still read your content legibly.

  • Voice Search

Voice search is also becoming more popular nowadays. And realizing this, Google has also included the “voice-search readiness” of a website in their search rankings. Thus, try to explore and add this feature to your website.

  • Relevant Videos

Aside from paragraphs of texts, and high-quality images, videos also play a major role in delivering and providing information about your website. Furthermore, Google also favors websites that have related videos on them. So you might want to consider adding a relevant video or two on your website.

9 seo strategies effective in 2020 2
  • Loading Times

Loading time is another important SEO factor that you should look into. People will most likely stay on your page and continue to read your content if it loads within seconds. However, your site’s loading time is longer than 5 – 10 seconds, then you might want to consider reducing or optimizing the data on your website as people will immediately leave and find another website to visit.

  • Time Spent on Your Site

Another new factor in Google’s metrics on search rankings is the average time on which a visitor stays on your website. The more time that a visitor spends on your website, regardless if they are reading or browsing, the more points you will accumulate in Google’s latest metrics.

  • Length of Content

And to increase the time spent on your site, the most direct method is to make the content longer. Once your site captures a visitor’s attention, then a longer content to read or videos to watch will make them stay longer on your website.

  • High-quality Content

And last but not the least, none of the things mentioned above will be useless if you don’t have high-quality and comprehensible content on your website. High-quality doesn’t mean complex and unique words that are difficult to understand. High-quality content means that your content is relatable and easy to comprehend.

Overall, as long as you follow these 9 SEO Strategies Effective in 2020, and fill your website with high-quality content, then your ranking will surely rise sooner or later.

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