Search Engine Optimization Factors

Search Engine Optimization Factors 1
Search Engine Optimization Factors 1

If you are struggling with your site’s SEO, this article is a goldmine for you. Read on and learn about Search Engine Optimization Factors that affect your site’s rankings.

Why Learning About Search Engine Optimization Factors Is Important

Search Engine Optimization Factors 2

Search Engine Optimization is the set of techniques and processes that you apply to your website for it to rank higher on Google and other search engines on the Internet. 

By having an effective SEO strategy, you can improve your site’s traffic and attract more clicks and visits, which will result in potential profits or increased presence for your business or brand. It is one of the most essential tools that an online marketer or advertiser must possess to succeed in advertising online.

What Are The Search Engine Optimization Factors?

There are mainly two categories of Search Engine Optimization factors – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to the techniques and processes that directly involve your website. They are the things that you can do and apply to your site for its SEO to improve. Here are some On-Page SEO factors that you should take note of.

Keywords – Keywords are your niche. It is where you should focus your content. Choose keywords that are highly searched but don’t have that much competition. Once you find such keywords, focus your content around those sets of keywords. 

Title – Titles are the first thing that users see once they search up for something. Thus, having a catchy title is an essential factor of SEO.

Original content – Google’s metrics detect duplicate content. And once it notices that you have duplicate content on your website, then everything will go downhill from there. Always make sure that your content is original and highly relevant to your keywords.

Images and Videos – Google also checks your site’s images and videos; the more relevant they are, the better your rankings will be. However, make sure that you optimize your pictures and videos in a way that it won’t affect loading times that much. Images and videos must load quickly so that users will be able to see and watch them when they choose your website.

Meta tags, Meta descriptions – these are short sentences that are shown under your site’s titles on search results. Meta descriptions should contain a brief but complete summary of what the user will get when they click your website.

On the other hand, Off-page SEO refers to the external things that affect your website’s rankings. Off-page SEO is like establishing your reputation and credibility in your chosen niche. These includes,

Strong backlinks – these are links to your website that are inserted into an article or on a web page, which will direct the user to another related website. The stronger your backlink is, the better effect it will have on your rankings. Two or more websites usually exchange backlinks to mutually gain the benefits. However, if your site has excellent content, then many websites will automatically use your website as their backlinks. Thus, as long as your site has legitimate content, then it will eventually build many backlinks.

Social media – Another Off-page SEO that can help your rankings is by promoting through social media. By developing in social media, your website will be able to expand on a platform with millions of users every minute, which Google also recognizes in determining your ranks.

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